Bruce Strebinger

Real Estate Developer

About Me

Bruce Strebinger is a Greater Vancouver-based real estate developer and entrepreneur who has built a successful career in real estate development and business. Strebingerr has spent more than two decades in business honing his abilities in the development and restoration of real estate assets, as well as project management from conception to completion.

Strebinger and his colleagues, in addition to developing luxury single-family houses, are also active in the construction of entertainment complexes with multiplex theaters. Throughout his illustrious corporate leadership career, Bruce Strebinger has contributed his experience and abilities to the financing and construction of a number of high-end residential and commercial projects.

Strebinger has successfully sold a large number of residential properties, including a large number of luxury and multi-family flats, as well as a number of corporate assets, as a consequence of his significant expertise. Strebinger, the father of two children, is a loving husband and parent. He is committed to his family as a husband and father of two children. In addition, he is a very excellent musician in his own right. He also likes a variety of other sports and recreational activities.